A Bookworm’s Life

I am not * quite* sure what I am going to go with this WordPress site. I do know, however, that it will remain a public site, so therefore I must watch what I say. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tough time with self-censorship. but since I was burned very badly when I blogged on MySpace, I am exercising caution with each & every post I write here.

I live near the beach.

I’m Episcopalian{ confirmed on 17 May 2009} & quite proud of my Church. I’m especially fond of my Church’s Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Katharine  Jefferts Schori. If anyone follows this blog on a regular basis I’ll mention & probably quote ” Bishop Katharine” often. My leanings are very ” high-church” Anglo-Catholic & I love  rich liturgy. I am very proud of my Church & hate it when she is attacked by anyone, but especially by people who have never bothered to come worship with us on a Sunday morning. My faith is not just a ” Sunday Faith” its truly a huge part of my identity. My conversion has taught me a lot about who I am & who God intends for me to become. When I met Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori in late May{ two weeks after my confirmation}  I told her I am a brand-new Episcopalian. Her reply was ‘ Congratulations & welcome home.” Amen, sister Presiding Bishop! She signed my copy of her first book, a collection of sermonettes entitled _ A Wing & A Prayer_. I a lso have a photo of myself  standing next to her  at the reception after the Mass I attended  at a nearby parish displayed  with pride on my desk at home. She is the first famous person whom I’ve met & one of my personal heros. I read Bp Katharine’s newest book _ Gospel in the Global Village_ for my parish’s Book Group & it is excellent. Yet for some reason I am more drawn to her first book,__ A Wing & A Prayer_: the stories she tells in her first book really resonated with me.

One of my biggest addictions is to books. I love to read & read a variety of tomes. {Maybe occasionally I will post book reviews here.}

 Currently I am reading _ Half the Sky_ by Nicholas Kristof. It came highly recommended to me & I am so glad that I bought the book. Everyone should read this book, but especially we American women. The book talk about how women around the globe rise above oppressive conditions. It is truly one of the most life-changing books I’ve picked up in recent history. women’s basic rights should be a concern for all people. This isn’t a left versus right issue, it is about making life better for over half the human population. I am so thankful that I was born in the United States of America: where I have nearly equal access to everything which men do. This isn’t so for many of our sisters in parts of this world & I am committed to making a difference for women everywhere. The Chinese proverb is true, we women hold up half the sky. Better opportunities for women will lead to better opportunities for all of humanity. I just finished the chapter on infant mortality in the book & it nearly broke my heart as well as opened my eyes. I honestly was not aware that the gender bias  regarding healthcare  was so bad  in some countries.  

 I visit amazon.com way too often but I see my addiction to books as a healthy one. Every person has at least one addiction & mine happens to be an addiction to books. 

While I am not really a fan of ” chick lit” I’ve discovered that I do enjoy Jodi Piccult’s novels every now & again. Recently I finished Piccult’s novel_ Handle With care_ & it was even better than _ My Sister’s Keeper_. Piccult’s books are chick lit for thinkrers & she raises many questions  while at the same time drawing the reader into a carefully-constructed story.

 One of my very favorite genres is the memoir or biographies of well-known persons. I majored in journalism in college , so other people’s stories fascinate me.I loved Rebecca Walker’s book_ Black, White & Jewish_ & also have read Anderson Cooper’s memoir _Dispatches From The Edge_ several times. Abraham Nihal’s book_ Lost Boys No more_ was an excellent story, but I was not too impressed with the skills of his ghostwriter.

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