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I am turning into a technology geek. I have always been a wordsmith who would much rather  walk around with her nose in a book than make small talk but I am addicted to new technology!

” Hi my name is Sarah & I am a tech-a-holic.”

Yes, I create words when the occasion suits me to do so!

I finally caved in to the peer pressure not long ago & signed myself onto Twitter.  Follow me at skipper76 if anyone wants to follow me, but I’ll cop to being boring unless you know me in real life…Heck then I’m still boring :O)

My Twitter account is mostly used to keep up with the current events { I follow CNN, as Fox & MSNBC are too shoddy. Blatant bias in journalism is so not cool} as well as  the happenings of my favorite sports teams. Most of my real-life acquaintances , friends & family are on Facebook. Twitter hasn’t yet caught on with most of my people yet. Frankly, I am much too wordy to limit myself to 140 characters.  In journalism school I was taught to be brief, but limiting my creativity to 140 characters or less has been a challenge.

My Twitter account gets many tweets daily from the official University of Alabama sports site { ROLL, TIDE!} & the Pittsburgh Steelers’ official Twitter site. The Episcopal Church has a Twitter page , too, but I prefer the Facebook  page of  TEC. I just might quit following TEC on Twitter.

I also follow the Twitter feed of my favorite CNN personalities. On that note, the tweets which I actually enjoy reading the most, apart from those by people whom I do know, are from @AmanpourCNN: the official Twitter of  CNN’s new show. I’ve adored Ms Amanpour’s work since childhood. I do wish that my local cable company would carry CNN/International. It would be * so* much better to view Christiane Amanpour’s daily show on my TV rather than online. But I am not counting on my local cable company to carry CNN/I anytime soon.  Thank goodness for podcasts. my brand-new laptop computer gets excellent video images & sound, so podcast-viewing is finally a reality for me. I’m not sure why the older Dell desktop computer wouldn’t co-operate  when I wanted to view podcasts.

The holiday season{ Christmas for me} is coming up soon & I covet a Blackberry Pearl smartphone. Not only would the small keypad on the Blackberry make text messaging a heck of a lot easier on my clumsy fingers, but I like the idea of totally mobile web availability. But it might be cheaper for me to buy one of those wireless connect cards for my laptop, since I really don’t like texting. My current cell phone is embarassing: it is still one of those flip phones with an impossibly small screen which renders mobile web on my phone useless.

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