Educate, not discriminate

I read two more chapters from _ Half the Sky_ last night before bed.

One chapter begged the question: Is Islam misogynistic?

I am ashamed to say that my initial answer was YES. but as I read further, I realized that Islam itself is not to blame, but rather the cultures in which the religion is practiced  foster the most conservative approaches to the Koran.I was even surprised to learn that there * are*some moderate passages in the Moslem holy book which are totally discounted by the ultra conservative wing of the religion.

There is a lot I have yet to learn about the Molsem faith. After all, as  a Christian I am highly offended when folks equate my faith with that of the intolerant, homophobic, misogynistic branch of Christianity. So, I made a vow to myself to try to learn as much as I can about the Moslem faith & their culture. Ignorance breeds intolerance & intolerance breeds violence…at least in many cases.

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