Famous women whom I wanna meet…

The list of famous women whom I actually want to meet is short.

Proud of MY Presiding Bishop!

Proud of MY Presiding Bishop!

I’ve mentioned before that I have already met my Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori . It was AWESOME. Bishop Katharine, as she insists on being called, came to my diocese in late may of this year & I was among three lay persons from my parish who got to attend Mass with her celebrating & preaching. There was a reception  in her honor after the Mass. Our Presiding Bishop is someone whom you either love or hate & I adore her. The local rag of a ” news” paper gave her  a horribly unfavorable  image  . They took one sentence from her homily & totally misconstrued it to make her sound anti-American! I was  mortified…and what pissed me off even more is how the nut jobs in my area called MY Presiding Bishop all sorts of nasty names. It doesn’t help matters that I know professionally the moron who wrote the horrible story about  Bishop Katharine’s visit to the area. I was mortified, but frankly not surprised. I freaking hate living in this part of the country sometimes. It matters not that my thoughts on certain issues scare the crap out of most people, but that I, a woman, am not afraid to state said views. One of Bishop Katharine’s best qualities as a leader is her ability to be gracious to those who disagree with her while maintaining the integrity of what she believes. She * so* rocks.

Brains, Fashion Sense & Bravery!

Brains, Fashion Sense & Bravery!

I have also mentioned that I am a huge fan of Ms Christiane Amanpour’s work. Finally, CNN has realized what a treasure this woman is & she has her own show. But what  angers me is that her new show is only broadcast here in the US on Sunday afternoons while CNN/I gets five full weekdays of her new show. Its total * crap* that we Americans don’t care about international news. We do.  It is my opinion that CNN’s brass too often play to the ” least common denominator” when it comes to coverage of international news. Maybe some day Christiane will write a book detailing her adventures in the field? One can only hope….I’d buy the book & read it in one sitting. Most girls dream of growing up to become pop music stars. Not me: I wanted to be ” a blonde Christiane Amanpour”.  As a matter of fact, I still want her job when she { eventually} retires. No, I am not kidding. I want her job, but not until she retires. She is  just as good as  the late, great Walter Cronkite.

I am also an ardent admirer of famous civil rights lawyer Lisa Bloom & I totally enjoy her posts.  She is the one who told  her Facebook followers about Nicholas Kristof’s book_ Half The Sky_, which I am reading at present. Lisa Bloom is another woman who sticks up for what is right & good for everyone. She realizes that human rights are imperative to a healthy society.

Lisa Bloom: Civil Rights champion extraordinaire!

Lisa Bloom: Civil Rights champion extraordinaire!

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