Real beauty….

I’m attractive enough & I like being female. While not a huge fan of shopping{ unless I am shopping exclusively for books} I do like to dress up  & wear make-up  sometimes. But I don’t think that the efforts American women spend in order to strive towards some manufactured ideal of ” beauty” is healthy. I’m guilty at times to buying into the marketing machine’s ” beauty myth”, but I do not want men to ignore my mind, my heart or my creativity. Women are so much more than their measurements. A man who is attractive to me is a man who will look me IN THE EYES & sincerely  want to know what happens in my mind.

I am unabashedly attracted to men who are several years older than me. There are many reasons for this preference, but the main reason I have is simple. Older men { for the most part} are already over the hormonal phase found in all younger men. I am in my mid-30’s & seek guys who want me as a conversation partner.

Why are so many young girls starving themselves  in an impossible quest for ” the perfect body” & begging parents for cosmetic surgery at such young ages? Why are clothes designed for elementary-aged  girls  similar to clothing worn by grown women on a catwalk in Paris? If I had a daughter, I would probably need to learn to sew, as the clothes on the market for little girls are  indecent! Girls need not wear a burqa or anything, but a bit of modesty is healthy.  Even at my age I hate shopping in part because it is so hard to find attractive clothing for women with any hint of modesty.  I am not an old frumpy woman, but I also like to dress in classic clothing which doesn’t show off too much of my body.

So much of American womens’ income is spent on ” beauty products”, if  the amount of ads I see for such goods & services is accurate.  men are even literally buying into the ” beauty myth” also. I find guys with a full head of gray or silver-white hair attractive but there is a whole industry built upon  the idea that gray hair on guys isn’t attractive to women. Again, really attractive men are attractive from within.  A man who is a George Clooney clone but who has the manners and/or intelligence of a Cro-Magnon will not hold my attention for more than one day.

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