Theological Languages

I read the chapter  in Genesis { per the EfM schedule for the next lesson} on the disporia of the early Hebrews  & how we, today, still speak totally different theological languages.

We Christians all speak different theological ” languages”. This can lead to misunderstandings, at best & at worst  divisions among sisters & brothers of the faith. All people want others to ” speak their language. I am no exception. But I would MUCH rather live with a tension among my sisters & brothers in the faith than see Christianity suffer more schisms. I can deal with people whose theological language I do not speak pretty well, but what I fail to understand is why some people are so unaccepting of divergent viewpoints when it comes to how others see  God & how God is working via  another theological language. I am a firm believer that , with prayer & hard work on our part, we Christians some day ” all will be one”. Actually, we ARE one, but since we do not speak the same theological language  we don’t communicate as one.

Since we are divided, we will always have trouble with communication . I studied communications in high school, & I know for a fact that discourse is important. Even though people speak different languages when it comes to matters of faith, it is imperative that we try hard to listen to each other.

Bishop Katharine { Jefferts-Schori, of the Episcopal Church} is one of my heros for several reasons. One of the big reasons she has earned my respect & admiration is her willingness to foster dialog between folks who do not speak the same theological language as she. So many major figures in Christian leadership  are  of the ” my way or the highway” mentality. Bishop Katharine never apologizes for speaking a particular theological language but she does honestly want to understand those  who have a totally foreign concept of theology from hers. She is also  quite eloquent at  articulating her own personal theology behind the ” God-Speak” she understands.

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