Gosslin , go away!

I am no fan of reality TV. It is ALL stupid, in my opinion.

I turned on my laptop computer today & who but the famous Jon Gosslin dominated the headlines. Apparently the reality TV star  is now being sued by the network which catapulted him to fame. Whatever! His  now ex wife’s haircut is so ugly, but so many girls & women rushed to their hairdresser  asking for ” the Kate”. Why? Her hair looks as though she cannot decide whether to shave all her hair off or let it grow!

I am proud to say that I have* never* watched one episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. { but then , I have also never seen a single episode of Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, either} It befuddled & confounds me how so many  otherwise intelligent Americans  fritter away so much of their time  watching these shows.  there are some good TV shows on the air…Law & Order is one of the  shows I’ll watch, but these voyeuristic ” reality” shows’ rise to popularity remains a mystery to me.

I feels sorry for the Gosslin children.

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