yet another Facebook addiction

My name is Sarah & I am a Facebook addict.

Ok, now  that we have established the obvious, let me tell you about another addiction I have now. I’m not only addicted to FB, but I’ve recently discovered the game ” lexolous” on FB. This version of online ” Scrabble me one playing several games  at once with folks all over the world. It will be a problem already & I have only discovered this game yesterday. Oy vey! 

Wordsmiths such as myself love Scrabble, but not too many of our friends like to play the game with us. So I get my wordie fix online. Some folks are addicted to online gambling, but my problem is with the FB version of Scrabble. I’m involved with 12{ yes!!} active matches right now & I really get pissed when I must ” pass” my turn. I also don’t like it when my laptop’s ” mouse” makes dragging letters to the game board rather challenging. { my fingers are not nimble}

At least it costs nothing to play this game & it streches my brain a bit while I’m online.No credit is harmed in playing Lexulous.


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