Balloon Boy

Are we truly surprised that the whole ” Balloon Boy” saga turned out to be a hoax.

I think the whole thing was fishy from its inception.  But what I fail to understand is why the media keeps  their focus on this family. In my opinion, all this added attention by the mainstream media just fuels the  parents of those children’s need to  have attention. The responsible thing to do would to let this story die naturally. Those poor children don’t need anymore national media spotlight. His parents clearly suffer from delusions.

I think I might have read somewhere that the family operates its own YouTube channel. Wow. Now I am a big fan of YouTube, but I must admit that the technology can & often does get abused by  such fame whores as Balloon Boy’s parents.

I saw the replay  of the vomiting on the morning show  during AC 360 last week. What on earth were the hosts & producers of the shows thinking by chosing to ignore a child who clearly felt ill?

The whole sordid story make ME ill.

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  • Stacey  On 10/27/2009 at 12:00 am

    I saw that family when they were on Wife Swap- the “father” is a real tool. He was very blatant about not marrying an American woman because he wanted a wife to “serve” him.
    He’s a social misfit, a bum who never had a real job, and NEVER should have been allowed to breed!

    Poor kids.

    Poor Falcon who barfed on TV. But I’m glad I missed it. I really don’t like watching anybody puke.

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