” Conservapedia”=Scary

I am not one who wears her politics on her sleeves. But in today’s local paper was a column by Leonard Pitts which caught my eye. i’m gonna approach this topic NOT from a political angle, but as a person who take both journalism & faith very seriously.

Mr Pitts wrote about a new ” alternative ” web site  that is created by some ultra-conservative Christians. the web site, called  _Conservapedia_ is  allegedly meant to serve as an alternative to the popular user-generated Wikipedia.  among other things, the creators of this alternative site are attempting to REWRITE HOLY SCRIPTURE!. No, they are not merely generating commentary on the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible, they are  editing & rewriting it. I am outraged.

It is bad enough, in my opinion, that TV stations such as MSNBC & { especially} FOX News exist. But when one group tries to create a web site  which will distort the Bible in order to support one viewpoint is disgusting. I’m trained as a journalist & I take very seriously the role of  news organizations as informers.

Also, I frequently visit Wikipedia{ though I take the information I find there with a grain of salt} & do not notice any ” liberal bias”.

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