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Seeking Christ’s Face

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been quoted as saying” Look for the blessing in the person that drives you crazy.”

 This is much easier to do when we involve our dialogue with Christians who hold similar positions as I do. Sometimes it is nearly impossible for me to see the face of Christ in those with whom I vehemently disagree. I tend to get defensive when well-meaning Christians use the Bible to justify their own prejudices against those whom they fail to understand. But when I attack them for positions based on their experiences of a life of faith, I fail to see the light of Our Savior which is present in them.

Episcopalians are called to live in tension with each other & I remind myself that diversity of opinion is one result of people who use their God-given intellect to discern where the Christ-light is leading them at this point in their walk with our Savior.

We are called to look for the Christ Who is present in every person we meet. Finding Christ in everyone we encounter is not always an easy task, especially when we engage in dialogue with Christians who do not agree with our positions on various hot-button topics. As Christmas Christians, we are called to be open to living among Christ-followers whose experiences lead them to a different understanding of the various interpretations of Holy Scripture and how these interpretations apply to our sense of justice.

Regardless of our positions on social issues facing our Church and society as a whole, we are called to be Christ-bearers in the world. This includes taking time out to acknowledge the goodness in every person we encounter. It is often hard for me to remember that Christ’s face is not found in any one political or social ideology. The Christ-light burns brightly in each person we meet, so it is our duty as members of Christ’s Body to recognize and celebrate the blessings innate in each person.

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