Damn you, Gannett local monopoly!

I am so freaking PISSED!

Nothing should surprise me when it comes to the slanted content of my local Gannett monopoly that poses for a community daily paper. But when I arrived home from Mass this morning & perused the cover of the ” nwspaper” I felt mortified.

Here is why: www.pnj.com

Look at the article  placed there by the wise people who  put the paper’s layout together. Yeah…the controversial article about MY FAITH TRADITION. Since it was penned by a member of the Associated Press, I cannot blame the local hacks who pose as ” journalists”. But I can & do blame the editors & the person who does the page’s layout for the totally inappropriate placement of this story.

I am PROUD to be an Episcopalian. And while I respect the rich liturgy of our Roman Catholic sisters & brothers, but do not agree with much{ really, ANY} of the Vatican’s policies. And as someone who is trained as a journalist, it offends my sensibilities. We all know that real journalism is a relic & struggling newspapers are feeling the crunch. But there is NO EXCUSE  for printing such  obviously slanted material at all….& especially not on the front page.

TEC is more than just ” the gay Bishop”. While I  honor Bishop  Gene’s episcopate, I do wish that the attention surrounding his consecration would fizzle away. My Church is a wonderful Church…& anyone who has been among we Episcopalians on a Sunday knows how diverse we are & has experienced our ancient, rich liturgy. Frankly, I am sick & tired of  the focus on ” the gay Bishop”. Why don’t people talk about all the important work we Episcopalians do in order to bring healing to a hurting world? Articles such as the one  written by the AP writer just feed the fire that divides people.

 This is totally irresponsible journalism.

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