sweat lodge fiasco

I am already sick of this story.

Sure  folks died there, but our brave men & women in the military die all the time fighting two wars . But the national media chooses to focus on such  tabloid fodder as the Balloon Boy hoax & now the Death At the Sweat Lodge. Ugh. Bottom line is that the so-called ” guru” of said sweat lodge is a crackpot inasmuch as is Balloon Boy’s dad.

Hell, I’d rather see James Carville & Ann Coutler verbally spar on politics than these tabloid-like stories I’ve seen on CNN lately. CNN is wasting the talent of some of their better reporters & producers by sending them out to Arizona to keep updating the story on the alleged ” guru”. It is my opinion that the ” guru” is nothing more than a slick salesman.

Thanks be to God for the podcasts of the _Amanpour_ show on CNN.com

 I * may* start getting my TV news fix from PBS.

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  • Stacey  On 10/27/2009 at 12:03 am

    It amazes me that people still fall for cults and cult leaders.

    Have we not learned anything from Jim Jones?

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