The anti-hate crimes bill

We’ll see if this ends up as a ” record” topic on my blog.

Opponents of the bill say that it will ” punish folks for having thoughts” { or something along those ridiculous lines}. No, the bill is aimed to protect our GLBT citizens from violent crimes that  directed at their community. I am a fierce ” straight ally” & I am happy to see that the Congress & President Obama are actually doing something to help protect  citizens of this community.

 I am straight, but as a person with Jewish-American  heritage, I am all too familiar with veiled prejudice. All minority groups  understand firsthand  what it is like to be seen as ” not like us” & it has been my experience that veiled prejudice is just as bad as overt prejudice.  My last name is Irish-American, so most folks incorrectly assume I am Roman Catholic{ The truth is that I am a PROUD Episcopalian Christian with Jewish roots on Mom’s side of the family tree.

Contrary to what the opposition might believe, this new law will NOT punish people  for having thoughts of prejudice, but will punish those who act violently as a result of their prejudice. Laws punish ACTIONS, not thoughts. No one ever said that it is illegal to think ignorent thoughts but it IS illegal to harm someone just because one might not understand them or their minority group.

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