One amazing woman warrior

Women  who care about the world have one fierce warrior in our corner. She{ yes, SHE!!} wears a purple clergy shirt & a clerical collar.

But I think that my Church’s Presiding Bishop, the very Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, is one of the warriors{ albeit peaceful warriors} for equality for all persons. One of the reasons why I totally adore ++ Katharine is that she is a champion for the human rights of all. Christianity so often gets a bad rap for intolerance. This isn’t true at all: many of us  think that Christ’s message is one of radical hospitality.

Bishop Katharine is  , besides being a Bishop in the Episcopal Church, also a Ph.D in oceanography. Physically, she is tall & very thin & carries herself with confidence. I’ve only seen her dressed in ” Bishop’s clothing, but in person she wears minimal make-up  & in my opinion looks ,GREAT. Bishop Katharine has also been happily married to Richard Schori for 30 years.

Forget the starlets on TV & models in magazines. Bishop Schori is someone in the public eye whom I  try to emulate.

Her election to the highest position in American Anglicanism  is historic. While she has been quoted many times downplaying her gender’s role in her selection as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, the fact is she * did* make history. Americans should be proud of the fact that at least one major religious figure in  the world is a woman.

This woman warrior fights battles with grace. She does not hide from her deterrents, nor does she belittle them.  As am I, ++ Katharine is a very vocal ” straight ally” for GLBT persons in the Church & in society in general.

Girls & younger women{ such as myself} have so few positive role models  which to emulate. Maybe if we had more women in the spotlight use their positions of public figures to show girls & women that it is fine NOT to be the beauty queen. Women are more than half the population of the Earth & most of society{ yes, even here in the United States} still sees us a less-than-equal to men. Although I{ as of right now  anyhow} am not called to the Episcopal priesthood, the fact that our highest Bishop is a woman encourages me to dream big in all i do & not to passively accept  comments  such as ” Women don’_______” Ladies, WE CAN!

It is my hope that all women, not just we Episcopalian Christians, hear ++ Katharine’s messages. Her hope & prayer for ” shalom” is universal.

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