Holy Water is fine….just don’t drink the Kool-Aid

I collect quotations.

That quote I used as the title for this post is one  said by The Rev Randall Balmer, Episcopal priest & author  during his appearance on The Colbert report Tuesday night.  I’ve not heard of Fr. Balmer until now, but for sure I am planning to read his book.


I love & respect Roman Catholicism’s rich liturgy & tradition. But I cannot abide by the ” rules” & the spirit of exclusivity that is rampant in the RCC.  Like Fr. Balmer, I do NOT trust the Holy See’s ” generous offer” to dissident Anglicans. Notice that the Pope offered  to let MALE married priests  come to the Roman side of Catholicism, but still excludes women priests. In my opinion, this is all The Vatican’s attempt to try to get more priests. Their rationalle is probably  better married priests than openly gay ones or women. Hah, anyone who knows anything about the RCC knows it is full of gay clergy. Just because someone isn’t in a relationship does not mean that she or he isn’t attracted to people! I’m not in a relationship, but I am just as straight as my married friends! So  just because the  RCC  requires celibacy for their clergy doesn’t mean gay priests are not actively serving in parishes.

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