Halloween:fun ,not evil

 Happy Halloween, everyone.

I’m Christian & I do NOT think that the holiday we celebrate on October 31 in ” evil”. Now I know that many of my Christian sisters & brothers will not agree with me & that is fine. But I do think it is a travesty that so many children are denied the joy of Halloween just because their parents think that the day is somehow associated with the Devil{ a.k.a” evil”}

I have fond memories of roaming my neighborhood as a child. We went out unaccompanied  & were perfectly safe. Now I realize times have changed, but I lament the  Halloween’s of my childhood.

As a child I never dressed as anything scary, but that was MY CHOICE I am a total girly girl & used Halloween as a chance to pretend to be ‘ ” grown-up lady” { wear a lot of Mom’s make-up, ect} I also dressed as characters from movies , I remember one of my favorite Halloween costumes as  Princess Lea from Star Wars. My hair was REALLY long back then &  Mom coiled my two braids around my head . I was a * perfect* Princess Lea.  My younger brother dressed as Darth Vader that year. It was great & our parents still have photos from that Halloween .

I am sure I will enjoy the Halloween alternative at my friend’s church this evening, but I cannot help but remember that  my childhood included Halloween that were much more spontaneous. In the part of the country in which I live, many parents do not let their children enjoy any part of Halloween, since they think the entire day is ” of the Devil”It is terrible how folks can pervert  even the simplest childhood pleasures.

So, events such as Trunk-or-Treats are nice  compromises for families who want their children to experience Halloween but at the same time are cautious.

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