_Kabul Beauty School_

I am currently reading _ Kabul Beauty School_ by Debbie Rodriguez. This memoir is a story of one woman’s idea to help the Afghan women by opening a modern beautician-training facility in Kabul. I am halfway through the book already & I just started to read it yesterday afternoon.


The rites for engagement & marriage in these countries  mystify & bewilder me. Women are treated as no more than chattel  by their husbands, fathers & even mothers-in-law.

I’ve been  interested in learning more about  life in countries in the Near & Middle East since viewing Christiane Amanpour’s special ” Generation Islam” back in August.

I also read _ Reading Lolita In Tehran_ last week. Although it was good, I am finding _ Kabul Beauty School_ a much-better read. The storyline is easy to follow & the  people in the book are more thoroughly ” fleshed-out” than in _ Reading Lolita_ But…as a person who majored in Literature, I did enjoy reading about the studies of Western literature by women who live in a culture so foreign  to me.

I am fascinated, yet somewhat repelled by the way that the women in many Moslem countries are treated. Some of the womens’ stories  told by the author of this book are  heartbreaking yet provide an insight into the lives of everyday Afghan people.

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