Vote in Maine

It is Election Day in America. My county has nothing on the ballot, but I shall pay attention to the other issues nationwide tonight on CNN.

One of the issues that has my attention is the vote in Maine regarding civil rights for same-sex couples. I’m a straight ally{ and NO, I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of my position on that issue!!} & it is my hope & prayer that the good people of Maine vote in favor of human rights. California chose to vote against human rights{ aided by the propoganda  put out by the Mormons & the Roman Catholic Church} as did the state in which I now call home, Florida. Frankly I was NOT surprised at the result  here in Florida but the California vote both shocked & saddened me.  I had thought surely the vote FOR civil rights would pass in that state but I  severely underestimated the power{ and the sheer volume of financial resources} of such institutions as the Mormon & Roman Catholic Churches.

{An aside, when I left the PCUSA, one of the reasons why I DID NOT  join the Roman Rite Church  was the many views on social issues imposed on the faithful by the current Bishop in Rome. I  adore my RCC sisters & brothers, but I am sorry, The Vatican  is a stranglehold on forward  thinking. }

I like older men, & if I met someone & was told by the government that, due to the May-December nature of said  hypothetical relationship, We were forbidden to marry I’d be pissed. Why should I  marry a man close to my chronological age simply because “May-December relationships are  not the ” norm”?

The same principle applies to our GLBT sisters & brothers.

Civil marriage is NOT about  faith, it is about  legal rights for two people who love each other & want to commit their lives to each other.  I am straight, as are most of my close friends, but it is my opinion that we straight people do a pretty damn good job of messing up ” the sanctity of marriage”{ to borrow a term used by one of my nemesis in the media, Tony Perkins…dang I cannot stand him!!!} many of my age-peers who married when we were younger are now divorced.  I’m sorry, but the old argument  that allowing GLBT persons to marry  legally will somehow diminish marriage for we straight people is not valid.

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