the proud “STRAIGHT ALLY” speaks up

Ok , so I am really saddened about how the vote in Maine turned out this time. Fear has, once again, reared its ugly head. My heart goes out to all the GLBT people I know & those whom I don’t know on this very sad day. It feels to me like  what happened in California all over again & this sucks!

I have the right to marry{ if I so choose} , so should my GLBT  friends. Civil rights are NOT  exclusive to only we heterosexuals.

Money talks. Once again, the fearmongering  yet  deep-pocketed religious factions managed to buy the vote of the good people of Maine. There are * so* many reasons why I am not lead to be a Roman Catholic Christian…and there  fear of all those who are” not like us” is high on my list  of reasons. This is totally disgusting.  I am * almost* at a loss for words. Almost.

 I am straight & a PROUD STRAIGHT ALLY! They have not won the war. Sure they won this particular battle in Maine, but the war continues. GLBT have the full support of many straight allies such as myself & we will NOT SURRENDER. If anything, I am more determined to be a peaceful warrior in the fight for equality for all persons & wll do so in the name of Christ.

It isn’t up to me or any mere mortal , to judge those who clearly judge others whom they fail to understand. My parents taught me not to be judgemental, and so I will withhold condemnation of those who feel it is their duty to  ration civil rights.  We cannot surrender. If we do, what other groups are next in line to lose or to be denied basic civil rights? This is too important for those of us who support equality to be daunted by one loss in Maine.

” I am one voice, but my song can be a spark” { from _Sing for the Cure_}

I encourage all my friends who are straight allies to activly join me in the fight for equality for GLBT persons. What it YOU were told by the state in which you reside that you could not marry the person whom you love? Think about that for a minute.

It is still politically-correct to  have prejudice against members of the GLBT community…and institutions, in the name of God, are sanctioning this hatred. This isn’t fair & isn’t right.

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