Christian-Jewish Straight Ally & Proud!



And….{ drumroll, please,} I SUPPORT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE!


Back in 1971, when my parents married{ and, by the way Mom & Dad are preparing to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary} The Roman Catholic Church refused  to allow my parents  to marry in the Church to which my Father’s family belongs.  But, thanks be to GOD, the State of Pennsylvania  granted my parents a civil marriage. My parents have one of the happiest, strongest marriages of ANYONE I know, yet when they married.  Yet the Roman Church at the time did not allow for ” mixed-marriages. Thanks be to God that the State of Pennsylvania  is much wiser than the Roman Holy See. The Roman Church still does not look upon my parents’ marriage as ” valid”:  according to Canon Law{ of the Roman Church} My younger brother & I are ” bastards”.  Never mind the fact that Mom & Dad are still happily married & their love has remained strong throughout more trials than I care to recall, in the eyes of the RCC their marriage does not exist.

That, my friends, is one reason why I am not a Roman Rite Catholic Christian.  Each person choses his or her own path to God.

I am a PROUD EPISCOPALIAN Christian who, for the first time in her life, fully embraces her  Jewish half.  Since I am, by birth, part of a minority, I  empathize with our GLBT sisters & brothers in their struggle for equality.  Several friends & acquaintances are  members of the GLBT community, but half my kin are Jewish-Americans. I’m fully Christian yet extremely proud of my Jewish-American roots. If, for fear of taunting or bodily harm, I had to hide my Jewish roots, that would be devastating. Being  Jewish is part of my genetic makeup & I’d never even dream about easing that part of my heritage.

In my EfM{ Education For Ministry} seminar this year I am studying Year One: The Old Testement. And I am LOVING every minute of it.  It is fascinating to delve into the Hebrew Scriptures &  unearth deep roots to Judaism.

Ok, before I move further along in my rant, I will say that Dad’s people come from solid Irish Roman Catholic stock{ just remember what my last name is!!!} I have  an appreciation for the rich liturgy that we Anglo-Catholics share with my Roman Catholic kin. But at the same time I cannot fathom subscribing to the rules set forth by the Holy See. 

Now back to the human rights issue.  It really embarrasses me when  folks who are allegedly” Christian”  use the Bible & the Tradition of our faith to subvert others.  I suggest that people read Sara Miles’ book_Take THis Bread_ to see how radical Christian hospitality can bring someone to know Christ.

All I can say to my GLBT friends  about this is….we are not all homophobic & I sincerely apologize for those Christ-followers who use the Name of Our Lord to spread hatred. Some of we Christian straight allies may be  quietly supporting  equal rights, but we are here  nonetheless.

Oh, if you don’t agree with me, that is fine…but please be respectful & don’t leave any Bible-thumping quotes on my page. Thanks.

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