Holy sh** !

This afternoon I was * hoping* to view this past weeks’ podcasts of my favorite CNN show_ Amanpour_ but when my home page  came up on my screen it heralded some more grisly news  stateside.

There seem to be more & more shootings & other forms of violence lately Last night we heard about the deadly shootings on an Army base in Texas & just now I turned on my computer to see that there was yet ANOTHER mass-shooting in Orlando. What is this world coming to?  It seems that people are getting more & more violent. In my local area I have notice an influx of violent crime within the past few weeks.  When I watch the local news on TV I don’t even bother to count the numbers of murders & other violent crims that occur.  This part of Florida  had been known as a ” safe” place inwhich to raise a family. Not so much anymore, pensacola is quickly becoming a rather dangerous town.

My heart goes out to all those who are affected directly by both the killiings on the military base in Texas and those who are victims or know victims in the more recent shooting in south-central Florida. But the  case at the military base over in Texas really has my heartsrings since I , too, reside in an area heavily populated with military{ Air Force & Navy} families. I do not buy the theory that the gunman   in Texas was upset about his upcoming deployment. He is a SOLDIER, for heavens’ sake. he knows that, as a person sworn to protect & edfend our nation, that he will  be deployed.

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