Watching _Amanpour_ on Podcasts

You can teach a middle-aged dog some new tricks.

Yesterday I * finally* figured out how to  dowload Itunes onto my new laptop. The only reason I wanted Itunes installed on this computer anyway is so that I  could subscribe  to the CNN posdcast of the weeday show _Amanpour_. Of course my local cable company doesn’t carry CNN/I & CNN/US  has not yet decided to give the show a time slot in their weekday lineup. Now I can watch the weekday show at my  leisure.

This is a big deal to me since I am an avid fan of Ms Amanpour’s work & have been since I was a child. She is the BEST journalist  alive today & I am delighted to  know now that her studio work is just as good as her field work, albeit different.  Technology makes it possible for the show to bring live interviews with world leaders  more than halfway around the globe. This technology is just as ” cool” as John King’s magic wall & truth be told I learded a heck of a lot more from  _Amanpour_ Politics here in the US is important, but I feel that the MSM  usually gives  coverage of issues in the world community a short shaft.

I am still behind om vewing my _ Amanpour_ podcasts, so please bear with me.

The show she did last week with  the two  well-educated  Moslem women was eye-opening. It was especially interesting for me hear what they said regarding wearing the head scarf. One woman chose to wear it while the other woman featured on the program chose to not wear a scarf. But the operative word here is CHOICE. The burqua  scares the crap out of me  I, although I am a fairly modest  in my dress, cannot imagine being forced  to completely cover myself every time I left home. I’m still reading _kabul Beauty School_ & the stories those  young women tell Debbie, the narrator, are harrowing.

Both women agreed that in order for their nations to move forward, they need to empower their women & girls. It is encouraging to see CNN intervew two educated, well-soken independent women from the Arab world. Change is coming for women & girls, but in mmy opinion it is coming way too slowly for many girls & woman trapped in abusive situations.

At the end of the program Christiane asked both women if they wanted to marry & their ractions were inetersting. While neither woman felt totally closed to the idea of marriage, both agreed that{ for them at least} marriage is not a necessity. A-men, sisters!

For instance, the UAE is one of the richest  nations in the world, but many women there are treated  like property by their husbands.

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