In the path of “IDA”

What the hell? There is tropical weather in NOVEMBER, & I am in its path.

Of course the media are jumping all over this story, indeed any tropical weather in November is rare. But, they keep  saying that ” Ida ” is a hurricane. This isn’t accurate, as all the reputable  web sites I’ve checked have Ida arriving as a tropical storm.

I majored in journalism, but I must admit that I * hate* the media sometimes. They seem to milk every story for its sensational angle & in cases such as rare November storms, get the public all in a frenzy. This is irresponsible. Socila media  does not help calm my anxiety, either. My local FB friends are all abuzz with talk of the storm & even they are following the local media’s lead in sensationalizing ” Ida”. This morning I saw that now CNN & the Weather Channel are all onboard with the Ida story. GREAT! :O(

It had been pointed out to me that the media, in their coverage of  T.S. Ida, are  neglecting to mention New Orleans. rather, they are refer to the Mississippi Basin.  Whatever.

I HATE storms of the tropical variety & do not understand ” storm chasers”. It scares me, but some folks{ actually many folks I know} get  a kick out of  being as close to these storms as possible.  Not me: I would be happy to never live through even another Tropical Storm again.

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