another remarkable woman

Anyone who knows me in real life knows what a HUGE fan I am of Ms Cristiane Amanpour’s work. Most little girls want to grow up to be movie stars or pop music princesses. Not me: I wanted to be a globe-trotting international correspondent. { still do, actually}

I am such a nerd. Damn proud to be a nerd, too.

I’ve met ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori. Now the next famous woman whom I want to meet in person is Christiane Amanpour.


One of my heros, Christiane Amanpour

I FINALLY get to see the daily  version of her new show & it is great! Podcasting is a * wonderful* invention. Yesterday’s show had her interviewing former Secretary of State Baker via satellite. Baker was in office when the Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago. & had some incredible insight into the events leading up to the fall of the Wall & the fall of Soviet Communism.

The podcasts come automatically to my Itunes inbox each morning, so I’m one day behind on my _Amanpour_ viewing. But hey, at least I get to see the daily show. CNN /US needs to get with the program{ bad pun intended} & realize that _Amanpour_ does have a stateside following. Many people I know would tune in to the show if it was offered on CNN/US each day. And, i know where it could go…just take out half an hour from Wolf blitzer’s 3-hour-long political show _ The Situation Room_.Perhaps CNN/US could place _Amanpour_ as a replacement for the last half hour of  the Blitzer blitz.

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