Can compassion make a difference in M.E.?

Last night’s podcast of _Amanpour_ had Christiane interviewing former British Prime Minister & correct special envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair.

According to Blair, the stability of the world depends  greatly on resolving the conflict in the Middle East.

Can The International Charter for Compassion  help bring an end to this conflict? This is a new organization that hopes to build  peace in the Holy Land by showing what two opposing  faiths share in common. The charter is a call to action to implement the Golden Rule to help we folks of faith create a force for compassion & understanding. 

{This charter shall be launched in two days. Stay tuned, as I find out more information on this topic I’ll post thoughts about it here on my blog. }

According to Karen Armstrong, a former Roman Catholic nun, the main principle that ALL faiths share is The Golden Rule. She has that the idea behind this charter is to teach nations & different faith groups to carry out  The Golden Rule each & every day.

 As a Christian with Jewish heritage, I admit that sometimes I struggle to understand the hatred & fear that drives  folks to kill in the name of God.  And since I am not too familiar with Islam, I tend to view their extremism with distrust. But, I am making an effort to learn more about them. Intellectually, I know that not all Moslems are  extremists but at the same time the ” fringe” gives most of them a bad rap. Education is key & after reading several  nonfiction works on the lives of everyday Moslems, I do understand that the majority of them seek an end to this  faith-based violence as do we moderate Christians.

Karen Armstrong is correct: most of us want a world  full of more compassion. I know that as a Christian, when MY faith is used to propagate hatred.

Apparently this Charter will have several prominent world religious leaders involved. I am curious as to  whether or not my Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts-Schori, will be involved. My guess is that she is one who will be a staunch supporter of this new initiative. Ms Armstrong told Christiane that she is pretty sure that the Roman pontiff will not sign on with this charter, but on the other hand many Roman Catholics will embrace this idea of tolerence & compassion.

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