Prejean Is NOT a role model!

Carrie Prejean is not only a hypocrite and a liar, she is also cowardly and stupid.

She appeared on LKL a couple of nights ago. Apparently one of the stipulations was that she not take any phone calls from viewers. Now anyone who is at all familiar with Larry King’s style of interviewing knows full well he is a softy.  But apparently Prejean thought that some of King’s questions were ” inappropriate” . What the hell?  If Prejean cannot handle an interview with larry King, she should NOT be in the public  eye.

I wanna know how this dumb bimbo got a sweet book deal already when there are so many stories out there by hard-working, intelligent people who can’t get a publisher to even look at their query letters? It is a sad commentary on the US publishing industry when a disgraced ” beauty queen” can secure a book deal  while so many talented writers with important stories to tell cannot get published by the most obscure publishing houses.

But what pisses me off the most about the Prejean  story is how she fancies herself as a ” role model” for girls. Now I am not a Mom, but IF I had a daughter, there is not way that I’d want her aspiring to be like Miss Prejean.  Carrie Prejean clearly talks out of both sifdes of her mouth and this is disgusting. We all make some mistakes when we are very young, but at least most of us don’t tout ourselves as the perfect example of feminine virtue!

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