What is ” beauty”?

So yesterday on Facebook I posed the question{ in the form of a status update}  asking why  society expects women to look like supermodels & how these unrealistic expectations are damaging to women & girls. {  hell, it is probably damaging to men, too, but since I am * not* a man I can’t speak for them}

The stamndard of ” beauty” we see on TV & in print media are manufactured. I am not saying that the actors, models, ect are not attractive people to begin with, but i am saying that the industry uses modern computer technology & professional hair/ make-up people in order to achieve the images we see  all over the mainstream media.

Well, golly gee wow…no wonder there is such a problem with eating disorders & girls younger & younger are asking their parents for plastic surgery. This is really sad & I seriously question the ethics of any doctor who would perform such surgeries on anyone younger than 18.

I am not a parent, but if I did have a daughter I would almost have to learn to sew for fear of not finding anything appropriate for  little girls in the stores. have y’all been to the mall lately? Good grief, the clothes on the racks for children are  things  that should not be worn by someone who is still a legal minor.

I’m not a prude nor am I ugly I think women & girls need to be valued for our entire selves. I’ve worked hard to overcome the stereotype of the ” dumb blonde” & it has cost me more relationships with men than I care to count. I also am a pretty modest dresser & not the sort of woman who will wear clothes just because  they are in ” fashion” for any given three-month period. And I want a man who will accept me for who I am, not just as another ” accessory’.

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