” No one cusses like the Irish-Catholics”

Confession time: I am among the few straight fans of Ms Kathy Griffin. I don’t agree at all with her views on religion, but I do admire her way of saying what is on a lot of people’s minds & her fearlessness.  Many of my GLBT friends love her as well as some straight folks such as myself who are open-minded.

I must say that Ms. Griffin does cuss way too much. I don’t watch her show too often but I must admit that it is bloody hilarious when she pokes fun of Ryan Seacrest. I do NOT think Seacrest is good-looking at all & for sure don’t like his attitude. As much as I try not to buy books written by celebs, I might buy Ms G’s book with some of my Christmas money that my Grandmother sends me every year.

I’ve had a really shitty 24 hours, so I do appreciate the quote from Ms Griffin right about now. Truth be told, I don’t cuss as much as I did when I was younger & now reserve the use of those four-letter words for times when I’m either overwhelmed with sadness or anger.

This week is Thanksgiving , & I am TRYING *really* hard to be thankful. My life is full of so many blessings.

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