Tuesday must-see-tv

So, anyone who knows me in real life knbows I cannot stand CNN’s Erica Hill.  Thats a fact.

When she{ again}  was on last night in place of Cooper on CNN’s 360, I tuned into the hit show NCIS for the first time.  I figured * anything* was better than listening to the brunette Barbie wannabe on CNN, so I decided that I’d give NCIS a try. Everyone I know watches this show but me, & it has gotten rave reviews from people I know from many walks of life.

But I am not gonna watch that stupid_ Dancing With The Stars_ show.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this is so popular. I totally { now} understand why NCIS is a hit for CBS, but the appeal of shows such as _ Dancing_ is lost on me.

I’m hooked on NCIS.

So on Tuesday nights my first priority will be  sitting down with NCIS. Then I can watch the later  rebroadcast of 360.

Maybe there is hope for network television after all?

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