Modern Royals

I am behind on my _Amanpour_ podcasting. This morning I watched the interviews Christiane did with  some modern-day royals. It totally opened my eyes.  Some of today’s royals are embracing a role in the humanitarian realm.

I was especially impressed with Christiane’s interview with Jordan’s Queen Rania. Rania not only totally embraces the world of social media…she actually listens to what we mere mortals have to say. Apparently she is * very* active on Facebook & Twitter{ Hmm, I may have to ” follow” her Twitter account} & uses that information to see what needs to be done  in the real world.  Her ” platform” { for lack of a better word} is education…especially  access to education for girls . She told Christiane that education is a HUMAN RIGHT & I totally agree. By not educating girls, societies are robbing themselves of more than half of their human capacity for progress. This is a tragedy but I am hopeful that high-profile women are taking notice and taking ACTION.

I also enjoyed the interview Christiane did with the Prince & Princess of Norway. They mostly talked about their own humanitarian efforts, but they  delved a bit into their courtship. That was neat. Apparently the Crown Princess was a single mom with a young son when she met the Norwegian Crown Prince.

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