Congo war

The war in the Congo continues. and its women are being raped at alarming rates . In this  part of Africa, rape is used as a war tactic. When I read Kristof’s _ Half  The Sky_ I recall stories such as these coming out of other parts of the world. But my 21st century mind still cannot wrap itself around the idea of state-santctioned rape. Rape by the military is used as a terror tactic in this country.

The ” zero-tolerence ” policy of rapes by the Congolese military must be put into action.

The trouble seems to be in mostly eastern Congo, according to the report on _Amanpour_.

The statistics are mind-boggling. Since when are the lives of girls & women  mere ” collateral damages” in war?

The United Nations needs to get more actively involved.

This is disgraceful.

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