More Advent Thoughts

I’m a proud Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian & thanks to a friend, came accross another quote from my Presiding Bishop that * really* spoke to me.

“May the light of Christ light your way in the darkness, may his light spread through nations besieged by war and hunger, may we continue to search out his light in the dark places of our own hearts.”-++Katharine Jefferts-Schori.

 For Christians,Jesus Christ is for this Advent season. I’m all about the fun side of Christmas, the food, decorations, parties & yes, the gifts. But if it were not for God  coming to the world in the form of one baby , there would be no Christmas.

People ask me this time of year if I am ready for Christmas. No, but I am ready for Advent. I am preparing my liturgical life & my prayer life for the coming of Emmanuel,  God-with-Us. I’ve been told that we Anglicans are ” Christmas Christians” . I like being a ” Christmas Christian”.

For me, Advent is about hope, the hope   that comes with knowing that I am beloved by the Creator. But  being a ” Christmas Christian” also means that I have a responsibility to shine that Light of Hope  into places that might make me uncomfortable.

God loves all of us, whether we be rich, poor, male, female, straight, gay, all colors & creeds.  And all of us have ” dark places” that only the light of Christ can shine upon. What are your dark places that needextra attention this Advent? God knows of all these ” dark places & God loves us  without fail.

There is darkness not only in our individual hearts, but darkness throughout this world. There is hunger, abuse, oppression , unjust wars , genocides. ..the list can go on & on. No one person on Earth can solve the ills  that plight  humanity. But together, we Light-Bearers can shine the Christ-light in places that need it most.

As baptized Christians, we are called to shine the Light of our Savior, a Light that  others have yet to see. We also need open minds & hearts   for discerning when & where we might be called to shine Christ’s Light.


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