Incarnation: Born in A Barn

This Christmas is not as easy one for me. In addition to lousy weather, an even worse economy, family not coming to town until NEW YEARS’ I’m dealing with some tough spiritual issues.

I was reminded tonight at midnight Mass that CHRISTmas is all about the coming of that one Baby to simple young parents one cool night long ago. He is the reason for the season.

Part of tonight’s Gospel reading goes likes this”

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth and laid him in a manger because there was no place for them at the inn”

Do I make room for the Christ Child in my ” inn”? Sadly most of the time, the answer is ” no” or ” Not right now”. I am too busy fretting about all the secular aspects of this very special time of year & lose focus all too easily on why we even have Christmas. I do wish that this feast day would be known to the secular world as the “Feast of Christ’s Nativity”. The feast of the Birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus is the real Reason for celebration. It is a Birthday party, the Birthday party of the One who came to save & redeem humanity. He was , indeed, born in a barn but that Birth changed the course of humanity forever.

As an Anglo-Catholic Christ-follower, I make an effort to spend a bit of time with our Lord in daily prayer. But I need to work more on the apostolic action part of my baptismal covenant That Child who was born to young parents one cold night not only wants us to invite Him into our lives more often, but to introduce Him to others who do not know Him. That message of the Incarnation, of God-With -Us in the person of Jesus Christ isn’t something we should keep to ourselves. That Baby wants to meet all our friends & family who do not know His story.

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