Julian of Norwich:”All Will be Well”

Before I was led to the Episcopal Church, I knew nothing about St Julian of Norwich. But throughout this part of my Christian journey, I am learning to appreciate her simple words, words that are faith-full.

My research tells me that little is known about the life of this particular saint.  But it has been  said that her spirituality is one tha is filled with HOPE

Julian is quoted as saying:

“All will be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”

I wish I had proof of this, St Julian. :O(

Although I truly want  with every fibre of my being to belive that all will be well, frankly I can’t & don’t  believe it. And the skeptic in me won’t believe  that anything will be ok until I have proof from at least two of my five senses.

At this time in my life I am really trying hard to  remember that” all will be well” But there is so much anxiety in my heart & I just want some sort of tangible assurance that the future won’t be terrible. Most of the time I am pretty good with handling living in tension, but uncertainty scares the * crap* out of me.

I trust God, but it is with most people where I lack the quiet, trusting confidence that  Dame Julian  writes about in her writings.

I wonder if Julian had lived in 21st-century America would she have written these words about quiet confidence in God?

How would she react to the fact-paced, war-torn,  consumerism-worshipping society in which most of us live? How would she deal with injustices such as  hate crimes, genocides &  gender inequality?  How would she put her faith into action? And what would  she say about  her sisters & brothers in Christ fighting to the point of schism over matters which have nothing to do with being faithful Christ-followers?

How can all be well when the world is such a mess?

That is where faith comes in.

Traditional images of God see the Creator as Father, but I tend to see God, if not genderless, as more of a Mother & apparently so does St. Julian of Norwich. Fathers in traditional, healthy families provide for their  families’  physical needs but it is Mothers who nurture their offspring.

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