First Spiritual Direction

Yesterday I wrote about spiritual sisterhood. Today I shall tackle the subject of spiritual direction.

Tomorrow I have my initial meeting with my new spiritual director. I am really excited about this, but at the same time a bit apprehensive, as I’ve never done spiritual direction before. My former Protestant tradition doesn’t  do spiritual direction{ if asked , they would probably say” that is too  Catholic”. So this is a first for me, this  not-so-new Episcopalian.

I want to be the best Episcopal Christ-Follower I can be, but in order to do that I know I need some serious soul-healing. This is where  spiritual direction comes in I need to find out where God was in all the mess of the past & also { eventually}  discern how God will work & is working in my life here & now.

I still harbor much pain in my soul from what happened to me in my spiritual past….I cannot delve into details here but suffice it to say that I know for a fact that I cannot totally move forward in faith without some serious soul-work with an experienced priest who doesn’t know me well. Part of the appeal of spiritual direction for me is the fact that my  spiritual director will NOT be my parish priest,so therefore they  will be able to see where God is working in my life with clearer vision.

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