Herod’s Fear

Today is the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents.

The appointed Scripture in our lectionary  is the Gospel according to Matthew  chapter 2 versus 13-18.

This is a very disturbing passage of the Christmastide  lessons for me to read. I do not understand how anyone could randomly murder all children under the age of two. Herod must have been desperately afraid of this one Baby who was born in Bethlehem .

What was Herod afraid of? I do not know & Scripture does not tell. But what would a modern Day Herod be afraid of in the Person that is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Why are non-Believers afraid of meeting Christ?

`Possibility of loss of material wealth?

~Relinquishing power?


~Political upheaval?

~Fear of being proven ” wrong”?

maybe all of these things I have mentioned & even more….Folks today are just as afraid of our Lord as was Herod back when the Wise Men visited the Holy Family. Fear has robbed our society of the goodness that Christ brings to those of us who know Him as our Lord & Savior. Modern-day American society is too worried about being politically-correct to do what is right & good. { and yeah, I * do* fall into this trap myself on occasion}

This Christmastide, I am making a point to continue to say ” Merry Christmas” or to my Catholic or Episcopalian friends, ” Blessed Christmastide” until January 6. I am not afraid of Christ & I know that the Baby came to live { & eventually die & be risen} for the sins of humanity.

I am not afraid to be a Christ-Follower.

Blessed Christmastide, everyone.

Feats of The Holy Innocents


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