Spiritual Direction is a good idea!

 Today was my first Spiritual Direction meeting. It went * very* well & I am so Blessed to have been led to such a capable priest as Spiritual Director for this time in my walk with Christ. I’ll learn a lot from him.

Why in the heck don’t Protestants embrace the practice of spiritual direction?

But , in hindsight, I don’t understand a lot about what Protestants do & don’t do  anymore. But its all good: each person’s path to God is personal. Mine just took me towards the Via Media that is Anglo-Catholicism at its best.

We sat & talked in the outdoor courtyard  of Christ Church Parish & if you have been there you’ll know how incredibly peaceful this place is…a perfect backdrop for  my first spiritual direction meeting. I{ of course} had my camera with me, but forgot to take photos of the lovely outdoor prayer place. Darn, for sure  I’ll take my camera & arrive early for my next meeting.

My Diocese is Blessed with an *awesome * retired priest who is experienced in Spiritual Direction & he has agreed to work with me. Together, I hope he & I can discern further what God wishes for me here & now. but he agrees that first we need to explore where God was in my  past….& I know God was there but rarely did I see  God at work among the chaos from which I came to The Episcopal Church.

I came to my parish & subsequently to The Episcopal Church, from a very dark & lonely place in my soul. Most of it is very painful to discuss& I surely am not planning to divulge anything here on my blog. If you want to know any details, feel free to catch me on Facebook Instant Messege or send me a private note. I might tell you & I might not. Let me cop to the fact that I still harbor trust issues, but with God’s help I will heal & move on.

As I’ve noted before, I’ve never done any sort of formal spiritual direction , so it was a big leap of faith on my part to even make the initial phone call. Thanks mostly to what happened in my past life, I tend to mistrust clergy whom I don’t know. { I’ve had one too many Protestant clergy break his or her promise to me….even for little things such as Q & A sessions, never mind the few times in my adult life as a Protestant when I REALLY needed a pastor….}

Good things are ahead, both for me & for the Church I love.

And yes, I AM a proud & loud high Church Anglo-Catholic. Yup Yup.

Blessed Christmastide to all….

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

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