Fear Not. Go Fishing!

Fear Not. Go Fishing

{Ex 16 :2-8}

One of my sister high Church Anglo-Catholic friends posted this quote by our Presiding Bishop to my Facebook page, so I am sharing with you all. It might not be today’s appointed text in the lectionary{ bad Anglo-Catholic Sarah!!!!}, but this Scripture really spoke to me today.

 Anyhow, here is the quote:

“The next time pain, terror or fear strikes, fear not. Go fishing. “

Wow— I needed to hear those words, in light of what I am going through, both in my personal & my spiritual life. Transitions are scary but it is during times of uncertainty that one must gaze upon the face of Christ, the One who came lived , died & was resurrected so that we mere mortal sinners can enjoy God’s grace.

I confess: I hate fishing with a passion. Let me sit on the boat witha good book & my i-pod. Fishing is boring . And when you catch thefish, then one must de-gut them. Gross!

But it isn’t easy to follow our God & God never promised that  it would always be a fun journey. But God did promise to be our faithful companion, no matter where we might find ourselves: even if our survival depends metaphorically on fishing for food.

Have you ever tried to go fishing in the wilderness? When one is best prepared to catch fish in an unfamiliar lake, river or ocean it can be a thankless, daunting task. But  imagine with me for a moment fishing in a lake in the middle of nowhere. You are alone & far from any sign of civilization. But thankfully, there is a lake nearby & you know how to fish.  So you set about the task of catching fish in order to sustain yourself until you eventually find you way home from the wilderness.

Any maturing Christian has been through at least one  ” wilderness” event in their walk of faith. I am for sure no exception & until recently have never thought of  trying times  in her walk with our Lord as  times in the wilderness.

Like the Israelites is the days of Moses, we are often afraid of the unknown. The metaphor of the wilderness is a powerful & poignant one. Sometimes we grumble & might even wish that we were back in the  bonded, but familiar world of slavery to the Egyptians.

Our wildernesses can be places of no faith or  being at such a place  or with such a community where God seems very far away. But God never leaves us nor does God ever forget God’s promise to us. The same promise that was made to Moses’ people so long ago  is a promise that God keeps for we  people of faith today. God tells the Israelites that “…of you obey My voice and keep My covenant , you shall be My treasured possession out of all the peoples.” God is saying that God will be faithful, but at the same time we humans need to seek Him first. We cannot earn God’s favor: it is a free Gift. But out of love and awe of the Creator and out of thankfulness for the Gift of the Son, we need to remember to do our part.

In times of uncertainty the best thing to do, according to Bishop Katharine is  to get out our  fishing poles & go fishing. Who knows what treasures might be waiting for us in the lakes of our own wilderness?

My own time{ and it was a very long time!} in the spiritual wilderness brought by an overwhelming amount of joy when I * finally* found my way out of my own spiritual wilderness & into the Episcopal Church.

But I pray that God will continue to show me how to fish for the treasures in the lake of uncertainty of life.

Let us go fishing together. Shall we see what God has in store for each of us during this next leg on the journey of faith? 

In the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.

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