2010 Convention Countdown

It is only the second day of  January & I am already * so* excited about being an alternate to the  2010 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.  As a matter of fact, I am so excited about this event that I’m already planning to get a new outfit for the occasion{ & believe you me…I am not a shopper!}

This is the first Convention  for which I am eligible{ confirmed communicant  in good standing}  Although I couldn’t go as a delegate last year, or even be considered, I am totally fine with waiting one year. Although I’ve felt like I’ve been a  member of the Episcopal Church since birth, I was only confirmed  on my birthday in May 2009.

This morning I placed my registration for the event , along with my payment{ heck, it is cheap this year…yayyyyy} in the mail.  I’m looking forward to getting my Convention packet  in the mail as the  days  go by.  Registration with the payment had to be in to the  Diocese’s office in Pensacola by no later than 15 January , so I know that I need to complete tasks when said tasks are on my mind or there is a chance it won’t get done.

The event will take place on 26 February at Christ Church  Parish, Pensacola & will be one VERY long but  worthwhile day. Unless someone from my parish  cannot attend a meeting{ or the whole event} I will sit in  & then have a vote.

Christ Church Parish is just * gorgeous* & of course I’ll have m camera with me.  CCP Pensacola will always have a special place in my heart, since that is where I got to attend a Mass with & met  Bishop Katharine { Jefferts-Schori} The nave of that church is truly awe-inspiring.

At first I felt bummed that  I was not a  voting delegate , but after conferring with folks who have been Episcopalian much longer than me, I have  decided that this is what God is asking of me & therefore I will gladly serve in this way. Plus, I still get to go to the Convention & can sit in on the meetings I chose. For instance, I would so rather not have to sit through the Budget meeting as that would just depress me & besides I hate math with a passion. :O)

I love my parish, my Diocese & my Church!

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