Constants in a World of Change

I am * very* grateful that my Anglo-Catholic tradition provides some  constancy in a rapidly changing world.

For instance , I am so grateful for out { 1979} Book of Common Prayer. It guarantees that, no matter who the priest is at any given time & at any place, the  order of worship will be the same. I also love the fact that we Anglicans can pray with our sisters & brothers of the Anglo-Catholic faith located all around the world. The BCP also contains prayers for nearly every occasion  or situation. As a Protestant, I never had that & now that I’ve been using my own copy of the BCP for a while I cannot imagine my prayer life without it. My family teases me, but my little  copy of the ’79 BCP{ given to me with love by my parish as a Confirmation gift} goes literally everywhere with me. And yes, I * do* use my BCP at home every day during my private prayer time.

Another constant that I really appreciate in the Anglican Catholic tradition is that of the authority of our Bishops.  If anyone knows me from my days as a Protestant, you might thank that I would have an issue with the authority of our Bishops in the Catholic{ Roman & Anglican} traditions.  This is perhaps even more proof{ not that I really need proof!!} that I am meant to be an Episcopalian, I accepted the authority of our Anglican Bishops without question. Now I know I am free, thanks be to God, to disagree with any bishop or archbishop & be confident that I will not be removed from the Church. And even if I didn’t totally admire & respect ++ Katharine as a priest & Presiding Bishop, I would still  respect her episcopal authority.   I’m in total disagreement with the way Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, has   acted regarding the issues of women being permitted to be elected & consecrated as Bishops in the Church of England, but I still pray for him { & for all Bishops & Archbishops in our Church} every day.

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