Radical Hospitality=Radical Forgiveness

It is all about GRACE…..

As a former Presbyterian, I am well aware of the amazing Gift of Grace that  is given to all of us by a loving Creator.

I am also a big fan of the Rule of St Benedict and try * really* hard to live my own life according to that slim but so practical classic.

But, radical hospitality also includes radical forgiveness.  And I’ve been struggling for over two years with the notion of complete & total forgiveness.  Even though I am in a much better place now: the ghosts of the past still pop up every now & again.  That situation hurt like….heck.  Until I  totally forgive & no longer fear those who hurt me so badly, I will, as my spiritual director said  keep returning to that spiritual wilderness.

At every Eucharist we Anglican Catholics  say together the  Confession. Part of this prayer goes like this:

“….we have sinned against You, in thought, word & deed but what we have done & by what we have left undone..” { BCP pg 360}

At Mass this morning what struck me as the priest was leading us in the Confession were the words ” & what we have left UNDONE”.


I cannot begin to truly heal until I  face those who have hurt me  &  forgive them. My spiritual director & I  plan on working through some of these issues, but after today I feel even more led by the Spirit to make that step &  just once,  face those folks  with an open & loving heart.  Many of them are no longer part of my life in any way, shape or form, but there are a small remnant with whom I’d love to  re-member some sort of relationship.  And the opportunity has presented itself to me, by the GRACE of God.  I am NOT  going back to that wilderness ever again, but I still left some proverbial  baggage there & it is way past time that I claim what is mine.


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  • Carl McColman  On 01/15/2010 at 1:06 pm

    Beautifully said. I believe that holiness and hospitality are inextricably linked (and I suspect Benedict would say the same, not to mention Jesus). But our culture has this idea that holiness is all about purity, being without blemish. Hospitality, meanwhile, tends to be rather messy and beautifully imperfect. The paradox of forgiveness/hospitality is that they lead us through the messy reality of our imperfect lives to that very place where we can “be perfect as our Father is perfect,” i.e., we can learn to love as God loves — he who sends the rain to the just and the unjust alike. So we find “perfection” (love) in the midst of our “imperfection” (hospitality/forgiveness).

    I found your post because of the serendipity of WordPress — it created an automatic link between your blog and mine (www.anamchara.com) this morning when I wrote on the topic of radical forgiveness.

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