Going to church twice.

I’m going to church twice on Sunday.  Naturally I will be at the { 8 o’clock} Mass at my parish, as I * never* miss Mass unless absolutely necessary. No way.

Today at EfM we gave our mini-spiritual autobiographies & at the end of mine I shared with the group that I * am* planning to attend  a Baptism at the Presbyterian church on Sunday. They only have one service & it is at 10.30, so I’ve arranged for a ride to that church after the early Mass at my parish & then for a ride home from the Presbyterian church after the service there.

I’m going to visit the Presbyterian church  to witness the baptism of a baby boy. But I am also going back to the church { for a visit}  in part  as to  hasten  my own spiritual healing.  This is NOT going to be an easy thing for me to do, but I need to get myself   further from my spiritual wilderness & to a place where I can be an instrument of God’s PEACE!  How can I be an instrument of God’s PEACE when my own soul is still torn?  And yeah, my soul is still torn & I know that  making this pilgrimage of sorts  back to a church of the tradition from which I’ve come will be a BIG step in my growth as a Christian. I need to show them…an ” outward & visible sign” that I am  more than ok as an Episcopalian. 

I am guessing that Holy Communion will not be served at the Presbyterian church, but if it is, than I’m electing not to go forward to receive their Communion. It is not the same as our Eucharist & even though I know that I will be welcome to recieve Communion in the Presbyterian church,  I would not feel ” right” if I did so.

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