High Church & low Church is all Church

 Incense, chanting,  candles,  vested choir & altar servers, Rite One  sung Eucharist, priests kneeling at the altar…I love it all.  If I were traveling & { Heaven forbid} there wasn’t an Episcopal church locally, I’d find a Roman Catholic  parish & visit them before I would attend a Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian church. Let’s face it: I am a HUGE  Liturgy junkie.

The more high Church an Episcopal service is, the more I feel a sense of the  holy. In EfM we are learning that ” holy”  does not mean ” perfect” but instead it means” set aside for God”. And in the Episcopal Church, especially those  high Church  Eucharist services, I * really* feel a sense of the ” holy” as described in this week’s EfM lesson. Our liturgy is steeped in some of the early Jewish  traditions & I find this fascinating.

While it is true that we Anglicans  have a lot of Protestantism in our theology{ and thanks be to God for this, as if we did not we’d never see women ordained as priests nor would our priests be permitted to marry!} But since most of my church life has been spent in a Calvinist { Presbyterian} sort of church, I tend to feel like we Episcopalians are closer in many ways to our Roman Catholic kin than to many of our Protestant sisters & brothers.

In my opinion, one of the * best* aspects of being Anglican/Episcopalian is that we have room for everyone.

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