Stars & Wise Guys

{ Luke 2-1-12}

Years ago, I preached a sermon on this passage. It was Youth Sunday at my Presbyterian Church & I had been selected by default, to deliver the Sunday’s sermon at the church of which I was a part at the time. Anyhow , it was the Sunday closest to  The Feast of The Epiphany, so I really had it pretty easy when it came to Scripture. After all, the story of the Wise Men seeking out the Christ Child is  a familiar one.

 Scripture tells us that the three wise men followed a  star{ and apparently followed this star for many miles} in order to find this one  Child. When they finally saw the infant Christ, Scripture says that they ” knelt down  & paid Him homage. “They sought this Child out, somehow & in some way, they knew who He was, & they  discovered the news about Him by following a star.

 Sometimes I am so caught up in the busyness of  my 21st century American life that I forget to  seek & follow that  metaphorical star that might lead me to the Christ Child. Christ’s face can be seen in any & all people we meet, and oftentimes following  stars  can take us on journeys that we never would have intended if we had a road map. But knowing Christ is somewhere at the end of a particular part of our journey is what makes the tedious traveling worthwhile. Sometimes the only light , or hint of a light, that we find on our Christian journey is that of a distant star. 

Have you ever walked anywhere at night? I have & even  walking in darkness in the company of  friends, as did the Wise Men in today’s Gospel story, can be  confusing. The sky is so BIG. This can be very frustrating & one can feel very  disconnected from God & God’s goodness when one is travelling towards Christ by starlight.

Often that star which beckons us to seek Christ will take us back to a place, either real or metaphorical,  where we * really* do not wish to visit or re-visit. But that light  beckons for us to go & see Christ, even if Christ is found in what may seem to be the most unlikely places or  reflected in the eyes of the most unlikely people. Christ can be found in everyone, if only we  are patient enough to look for Him.

Feast of The Epiphany 2010.

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