Bloom where Planted:Open to Transplant

Anyone who knows me at all know how much I hate  this part of Florida. After 11 years, I still hate it. But during this time I have tried my best to ” bloom where I am planted ” & have done a pretty adequate job.

But, there has been an opportunity come into my life recently that looks * perfect*  Yes, it involves  a physical move into an area about which I know next to nothing. but, God does provide. One of my very best friends from college lives in this city &  if I am hired in the job I want, I can give glory to God & much thanks to my friend. 

I am trying so hard not to count my  metaphorical chickens before they are hatched, but by golly…I’ve waited YEARS for an opportunity to get the heck out of Northwest Florida.  I’ve always kept my eyes, ears & heart open for any chance which God might offer me regarding my need to flee Northewest Florida.

If it is God’s Will that I move to St Louis, The Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast will *always* have a special place in my heart & prayer life. This is where The Episcopal Church found me & Where I was confirmed.

But, if the window opens, I am more than ready to pack up my few belongings and move to St Louis where opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus Christ await me.  Naturally I have already  looked at both the Web sites of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri & of those parishes near where I’ll live if I do move.

Our Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts-Schori, whom I LOVE to quote says this about our Baptismal call to ministry :

” Going naked into the font says something about your openness & vulnerability to whatever God has in store for you. Thats a piece of baptismal leadership that is still central today. Our ability to die to self, to be openly vulnerable to the moving of the Spirit or to God’s latest surprise is the mark of a growing Christian leader. Where has God surprised you lately” ++ Katharine Jefferts Schori

 God has surprised me a lot lately. But this latest surprise about the opportunity in St Louis, is the * best* surprise  with which God has showered me  in weeks.  Now I am not quite so sure about the  growing Christian leader in me, but as a  regular baptized  Christian , I  have grown up & learn to regard all surprises as gifts from God.



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