Who , ME? God, You have * got* to be kidding!

 More than one person has told me  I have a vocation as a Deacon. I am just a layperson, one whose  ministry I am still trying to figure out. But I’ve had more than one person  think I’m a deacon or PRIEST…and these are folks who really do not know  me too well. Wow…is this another personal epiphany. I am quite happy right now being a lay baptized leader in my church. But , as I’ve written in  response to today’s Gospel lasson, one must be open to whatever God asks of us.Bishop Katharine wasn’t sure when she was asked to add her name for consideration for election as Bishop of Nevada. She wasn’t even sure about the idea of going to seminary to  start the process of ordination to the priesthood. But when circumstances  caused her to  leave her beloved career as an oceanographer behind, she started listening  to the good folks in her congregation.  Then when s she was asked if she would put her name in the  pool for election to be the next Bishop of Nevada. Even though she though the idea was ” downright ridiculous”  God wouldn’t let her off the hook that easily{ God never does!!}  Well she submitted her name to the list of candidates  & the rest is history.

In her book_ A Wing & A Prayer_ Bishop Katharine writes { pg 134} ” The spiritual journey is about learning to listen. Even when we’d rather not. Even when we’re terrified, or convinced we know we’re going to do something else.” Hmm, I need to ponder this thought & take this quote with me to my next  appointment for Spiritual Direction.

Am I being called in this special way? I mean, we are all called as baptized Christians , to minister in Christ’s name. But …if this IS a call from God to some sort of ordination, how will I know?

What a wild journet this  Christian  road takes us on! Stay tuned.

 One of my Facebook friends in my Diocese  told a mutual friend that he knows me as a priest in his Diocese! Um no…I am not a priest & I did quickly correct him . Many have asked me if I’d consider the Vocational Deaconate, but never  before have I been mistaken as a priest. Wow…although it is clearly not true { and I am the most un-Priestly person you could ever meet}But maybe God is trying to tell me  that I SHOULD actively discuss this with my Spiritual Director?

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