Marriage is NOT a requirement for being Christian

Ok, this is gonna be a gripe-fest from yours truly. Yesterday I was asked by someone whom I have not seen in over two years if I was married ” yet” . Grr,

First of all: I live in a small, southern town. If I DID marry, everyone would know about it. Such is the nature of small towns & that is both a blessing & a curse.

Second: Since when did being part of a heterosexual  married couple   become a prerequisite to being a Christian? Good grief. I am happily single & keep my personal life personal. If I were seeing anyone special, I would tell those whom I care about, my family, my friends & especially my parishioners. The whole freaking town does not need to know my personal life.

The late, great Professor Morrie Swartz once asked: “Whats wrong with being number two?” Here is a Sarah Beth-ism for today” Whats wromg with being habitually unattached?”

Sure I would love to meet the right man  for me but so far I have not met him & I am not gonna waste my time ” dating” I’m way too old for that & even when I was younger I did not enjoy the pretentious ” dating scene”.  I want a man who is my partner in every sense of the word, my equal, my helper. But first & foremost, he must be my best friend.

I’m Episcopalian & I take marriage very seriously. So seriously that I wish that the sacramental rite will some day be open & available to ALL who wish to marry. And I take marriage seriously enough to marry the man whom GOD has chosen for me.

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  • Mary  On 01/11/2010 at 11:25 pm

    Amen…and A-women!

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