Modern-day ” Saints”

 As an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian, I am rather fond of saints.  My two patron saints are Catherine of Siena & Benedict of Nursia. But there are other people who are alive & well today who are doing good things that will further the kingdom of  Shalom. Who are your  ” saints” in the world of famous people? I can name three famous women to whom I look up &  would love to meet{ actually I already met one of them in person & she is * fabulous*!}

 Saints are by far not perfect people, but they are people who do extraordinary things to make the world a better place. Two of my three famous saints work in  television. No , they are not actresses on shows, they actually work for  CNN.:O)

1. Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.  Now I know many  are totally misinformed about our Bishop Katharine { please  respect me & my Church by NOT saying anything mean about her on my blog!!!} I had the rare  opportunity to  attend a Mass with & then meet Bishop Katharine in person when she came to visit my Diocese in May. It was & shall ever be, one of those ” mountaintop experiences” of my faith journey.  After reading both of ++ Katharine’s books & then meeting her in person, I am more committed than ever to  doing my part to further the  vision of  “shalom” which she  talks of in her books, sermons & addresses.

2. Christiane Amanpour: This woman is the reason why I went into journalism. She asks tough questions, isn’t afraid to get  her hands & clothing dirty & is proof that  smart, classy women CAN  survive in the world of TV journalism. The first time she * really* impressed on me is when she challenged then President Clinton on his  policy on  Kosovo back when I was a teenager.   Her show, although I can only access it now  via podcasting, is a rare gem in the too- frivolous world of TV journalism.  Ms Amanpour is one of the last true ” old-school” journalists left & I love her work.

3. Lisa Bloom.  Lisa Bloom is a legal analyst who often appearsn on CNN> I admire her for her viligent  actions as a “straight ally” for the rights of our GLBT sisters & brothers.  I’m a ” staright ally” also, but I  often fear{ since I do, after all, live in the Deep South} of retribution for my views on equal rights for all.  Ms Bloom is an inspiration for me & probably coutless other  ” straight allies”

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