My Mission Here & Now

Mission can & often does occur in foreign lands, but more often than not it is needed the most in our own communities.

I am a person with Autism. And God made me this way for a reason.  I am what doctors call” high-functioning”, meaning that I am above average intelligence. But there are other areas in my life which are cause for struggle. But I am who God created me. If I wished to be anything different then that would be negating  who I am as God created me. That would be wrong. God delights in all God’s creation. Some people might not understand, & therefore fear, those who are different, but we are God’s Children too.

There is a GREAT song  called _ I’m In Here_ written from the perspective of a child with Autism. While I clearly did not write those words, I could have written them when I was young. People with autism are , first & foremost PEOPLE. 

 My mission is to educate the public about people such as myself & to advocate for the rights of all persons with disabilities…but especially those of us on the Autism Spectrum. I love working in my ” mission field” , even though what I spend a lot of time & effort doing is not ” churchly”, it is  social justice .  It is very important to feed the physically hungry, but there is a whole mission field open in the world of advocacy.  I’m directly affected by Autism but there are so many other social-justice ” missionary” work that needs the help of we people of faith.

 We speak a lot of doing mission work overseas & that is all well & good. But ” mission”  needs to be synonymous with ” action”.  God calls us to use our Gifts to make the world a better place, to  further the Kingdom Of God on Earth…or that grand vision of ” shalom”.

My ” mission” is with families who love someone with Autism. I volunteer with two organizations which  support families & people who are affected by Autism & I love every minute of it!   For now & in this place, Autism  awareness & education is my mission field.

 As an adult on the higher end of the Autism spectrum, I’ve discovered that I am a God-given resource for both parents & professionals who work with and/or love someone with Autism. I talk{ sometimes too much!!!} & pray that my voice might be a voice on behalf of the voiceless.

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  • Mary  On 01/17/2010 at 7:02 pm

    I have lots of friends with autism…Keep talking and reassuring these parents of the new generations. They certainly need it! What I have come to love and enjoy about God is that He truly makes evryone perfect in His eyes and we as Christians are challenged to see others with those eyes. I tend to admire most the people who rise up to the challenge to remain true to their soul and the way God made them. We all have unique gifts, joys and talents and we should remain as true to ourselves without explanation nor excuse! I celebrate that you celebrate yourself and the way God created you!

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